The unique program of Jaseng’s MAC Diet program is based on a scientific and systemic approach with the integration of Eastern and Western medicine. J MAC Diet maximizes each patient’s natural healing potential by nourishing and energizing the body while removing harmful toxins safely and effectively.

Activity & Sleep Monitor

Jaseng monitors patients’ activities with Fitbit and encourages them to exercise more. The Tracker also monitors sleep patterns, so patients learn what helps them sleep better.

Body Analysis

Jaseng performs weekly body composition analysis to determine the appropriate exercises and to ensure patients follow their dietary plans. Knowing the changes in muscle and fat mass also helps patients stay healthy.

Alternative Medical Consultation

Jaseng provides personalized weight management consultation through an alternative medicine point of view. Traditional Korean Medicine doctors consult with each patient regarding his or her needs and goals.

JaSeng's Natural Ways to Healthy Weight Loss

Body Analysis

Jaseng’s wellness acupuncturist performs body composition analysis during the first consultation. The analysis evaluates patient’s overall balance of water, protein, mineral, and body fat. It also calculates BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate) and the ideal target weight. With these results, a wellness acupuncturist consults with patients about their health and provides a customized healing diet treatment program.

The following graph is the ideal weight loss curve during the Jaseng Healing Diet program.

Body Analysis
Why choose the Healing Diet program?

Daily Herbal Medicine & Meal Replacement

Chae Gam Dahn

Herbal medicine for weight control is generally prescribed for patients undergoing the Healing Diet program. It is designed to regulate appetite, improve metabolism, and facilitate cleansing. Herbal medicine treatments are modified to align with the different stages of the program.

Jaseng Meal Replacement

Herbal medicine is combined with a Meal Replacement program for weight management. This diet consists mainly of amino acids, minerals, and vitamins to supplement necessary nutrients and burn carbohydrates, protein and fat more efficiently. Therefore, it is very effective in maintaining BMR levels and decreasing weight.

Daily Herbal Medicine & Meal Replacement

Lipodren Acupuncture

The Lipodren acupuncture treatment involves inserting pairs of needles into the dense layer of adipose tissue to transmit specific currents with lipolytic and tensing effects. Classical electrotherapy has limited penetration, since the skin presents a great resistance to the passage of current. However, the various currents emitted by Lipodren are specifically defined so that each one produces a targeted therapeutic effect. The technique also allows for the customization of the intensity and depth of therapy, since the electrodes are implanted directly into the target tissue.

Lipodren Acupuncture

Detox Cupping

Cupping therapy creates suction and negative pressure within cups on the patient's body, usually the back, for the following purposes: to soften tight muscles and tone attachments, loosen adhesions and support connective tissue, promote hydration and blood flow, and drain excess fluids and toxins by opening lymphatic pathways.

Detox Cupping
Healing, Contouring, and Detox


Cupping stimulates and invigorates the body and promotes widespread healing through nervous system sedation. In general, cupping could be applied therapeutically for many conditions, such as high blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, chronic headache, fibromyalgia, and neuralgia.


The skin is stimulated with the increase in circulation and drainage of lymph to produce a smooth appearance and healthy glow. The body contouring effect can eliminate cellulite and smooth out contracted and congested muscle tissue.


The effects of cupping penetrate deeper with the elimination of accumulated debris in the tissues, organs, and systems. By increasing local blood supply, cupping stimulates nourishment and toxin elimination via the veins.