The unique program of Jaseng’s MAC Diet program is based on a scientific and systemic approach with the integration of Eastern and Western medicine. J MAC Diet maximizes each patient’s natural healing potential by nourishing and energizing the body while removing harmful toxins safely and effectively.

Activity & Sleep Monitor

We monitor your heart-healthy activities with Fitbit, encouraging you to take the stairs at home or work, or climb a little further on your next hike. The Tracker also monitors your sleep patterns, so you learn to understand what helps you sleep better.

Body Analysis

We perform weekly body composition analysis to recommend you the appropriate exercise and to keep track on dietary plan. Knowing the changes of your muscle and fat mass also helps you to stay in healthier way.

Alternative Medical Consultation

We provide personalized weight management consultation through alternative medical point of view. Traditional Korean Medicine doctors will consult with each patient regarding his/her needs and goals. Jaseng wellness team will be the best supporter for your healthy turning point.

JaSeng's Natural Ways to Healthy Weight Loss

Body Analysis

Jaseng wellness acupuncturist will perform body composition analysis on your first consultation. The analysis evaluates your overall balance of water, protein, mineral, and body fat. It also calculates your BMR(Basic Metabolic Rate) and ideal target weight based on the data. With this result, wellness acupuncturist consults with you regarding your health, weight and goal within certain time frame and provides you with nutrition and exercise education. Based on your own data, healing diet treatment program will be designed that best fits you.

Depending on your starting weight, age, and BMR(basic metabolic rate), wellness team acupuncturist selects the program duration and weight goal on a monthly basis. Following graph is the ideal weight loss curve during the Jaseng Healing Diet program.

Body Analysis
Why choose the Healing Diet program?

Daily Herbal Medicine & Meal Replacement

Chae Gam Dahn

Herbal medicine for weight control is generally prescribed for anyone involving healing diet program. It is designed to control appetite and satiety, to benefit metabolism, and to facilitate the excretion of waste products from metabolism. Herbal medicine can be modified to different prescriptions or different dosage per day, depending on your stages of program.

Jaseng Meal Replacement

Together with herbal medicine, patient is provided with meal replacement for weight management. A patient is directed to take Jaseng Meal Replacement instead of one or two regular meals per day, according to their weight goal and program set-up. It is consisted of amino acids, minerals and vitamins to assist regular food intake during the day by supplementing necessary nutrients and by burning out carbohydrate, protein and fat more efficiently. Therefore, it assists you to keep your BMR at a stable level as the weight goes down.

Daily Herbal Medicine & Meal Replacement

Lipodren Acupuncture

The Lipodren treatment is introduction of pairs of needles into the dense layer of adipose tissues so that specific currents with lipolytic and tensing action may be transmitted through them. The treatment is supplemented by a systematic drainage that is carried out with the help of plate electrodes positioned on the surface of the skin. Classical electrotherapy have limited penetration, since the skin, and above all the corneal layer, sebaceous secretion are structures that present a great resistance to the passage of current, making it impossible to precisely determine the current intensity that reaches its target or the depth of penetration of the current. However, the various currents emitted by Lipodren have been specifically defined so that each one produces a special therapeutic effect on cellulite and the various effects complement each other. Also the technique for application of the current permits its intensity and depth of action to be precisely specified since the electrodes are implanted directly into the tissue where they are to act.

Lipodren Acupuncture

Detox Cupping

Cupping therapy is to create suction and negative pressure with cups on patient’s body (usually on the back) for following purposes: Softening tight muscles and tone attachments, loosening adhesions and lift connective tissue, bringing hydration and blood flow to body tissues and draining excessive fluids/toxins by opening lymphatic pathways. We use cupping therapy to aid patient’s goal of healthy and beautiful body shape.

Detox Cupping
Healing, Contouring, and Detox


It wakes the body up to make it feel invigorated and, at the same time, to produce a profound level of healing through nervous system sedation. In general, cupping applies therapeutically for many conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, chronic headache, fibromyalgia and neuralgia.


It stimulates the skin by increasing circulation while draining lymph to promote a smooth appearance and healthy glow. Body contouring with cupping can eliminate cellulite, and smooth out contracted and congested muscle tissue.


It works deeper by stimulating healthy elimination of accumulated debris in the tissues, organs and systems. By increasing local blood supply to the muscles and skin, it brings nourishment and allow for toxins to be carried away via the veins.