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First off, I am an Acupuncturist and I love getting treated by fellow Acupuncturists and Chiropractors. I don't usually tell the clinic what I do for a living and want to see how they treat a "regular" patient. Secret shopper / patient type!

Layout and Waiting Area - 5/5 
Open and clean. Waiting area is very comfortable with lots of leather sofas and tv showing clips of treatments and history. Secretary was very professional and knowledgeable about who Jaseng is and what sets them apart. 

Location - 5/5
Very easy to find, right off the major road and HUGE parking lot! First floor and easy access to parking lot.

Acupuncturist - 5/5
I was lucky and met both Acupuncturists. Dr. Lee and Dr. Kim. Both are the smartest and explained to me WHY I was feeling the way I was by checking my pluses and examining my tongue. Even though most practitioners know the basics, these two pin pointed many things that I did not mention in my paperwork.

Even though there are MANY Acupuncturists in LA and surrounding area, the quality here is unmatched. 

Both doctors have been trained in Korea by one of the BEST Doctors and hospitals in the WORLD. Google or YouTube jaseng. 

This is not a typical acupuncture session where a few basic points were used and a few minutes later you leave with minimal change or difference. 

I had a slight neck issue and they used 2 points to treat. They use a specific technique called Motion Style Acupuncture and even though it was didn't feel great while they treated me, my range of motion and pain was minimal within 2 MINUTES!

The treatment went well and I fell asleep within a few moments. Top grade korean needles were used and painless for my other body points. When I awoke I felt like I slept an entire day. 

Well rested, great energy and mind sharper. 

I am very happy and can't believe what a great experience I had here. Local population is very lucky to have such a great and hidden gem near by.

Next time I return to LA, I will be back.