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 I recommend coming here. It's a 10/10. 
I first came to Jaseng after I was diagnosed with degenerative back disease
I am 21 years of age and was told that it is very rare for my age. And I've spent hundreds of dollars trying to find the right place but all they would try to do is sell me something.
But when I went to Jaseng, they made me feel comfortable didn't push anything upon you other than when they are trying to help you. 
I've been coming here 3 times a week for roughly 2-3 months and in the beginning didn't see much improvement but as I put my trust In there practice. I actually started see results. When I first came in, I could not stand, sweating due to pain and all I wanted to is go see a doctor to do surgery and I thought that was my only option. I could not do anything. I had to give up all my hobbies, could barely drive my stick car, and had to leave work and effected my life 110%. But 2-3 months later I'm getting up better in the morning, feel healthier, could walk again. I'm slowly picking my hobbies back up. 
Hopefully after a couple of more treatments. I truly believe that I can be fixed. So all in all, before you think of surgery or killing yourself due to excruciating pain. Go visit Jaseng and put your trust in and I promise you won't regret it. 

Ps. Just make sure you get to your appointments and the doctors are cool!