What Our Clients Say

U.S. Patient Testimonial

Harry McNamara suffered from disc herniation. He was referred to Jaseng in Fullerton, CA, having been told he would have to live with pain for the rest of his life by neurosurgeons.

Patient Testimonial: Torn Knee Ligament

Kyoung-sook Lee was told she needed surgery for her torn knee ligament. Seeking an alternative method, she feels instant relief from Jaseng’s non-surgical treatment.

Patient Testimonial: Disc Herniation 2

Jeong-hee Park was paralyzed after falling down the stairs. He comes to Jaseng and is able to walk again after a single treatment with MSAT having thought that surgery was the only option prior to his visit.

Patient Testimonial: Disc Herniation

Ji-hyun Kim, a herniated disc patient, injured her back while attempting to pick up her baby. With unsuccessful treatments at other hospitals, she comes to Jaseng to find a permanent cure.