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U.S. Substance Patent for Shinbarometin

It has been our privilege to offer our unique prescription of Chuna Medicine to a diverse and growing community since we open the first Jaseng branch clinic in U.S. in 2009. And now we are excited to proudly announce that Jaseng Medical Foundation launched JASENG-BARO 101 for other alternative medical practitioners in USA to utilize in their practices. JASENG-BARO 101 is made of 6 major herb ingredients of Chung-Pa-Juhn [GCSB-5], the exclusive herb decoction of Jaseng for spine and joint conditions. Effectiveness of JASENG-BARO 101 has been proven through diverse researches for following actions:


Journal of Ethno-pharmacology in May, 2010

GCSB-5 reduced the development of acute and chronic inflammation, and its anti-inflammatory property might in part be a function of the inhibition of iNOS and COX-2 expression via downregulation of the Akt signal pathway and inhibition of NF-κB activation.

Cartilage Protection

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2012

In vitro, GCSB-5 inhibited proteoglycan degradation measured by the amount of glycosaminoglycan in rabbit articular cartilage explants. In vivo, GCSB-5 significantly suppressed histological changes in monoiodoacetate-induced osteoarthritis in rats. MMP activity, levels of serum TNF-α, cyclooxygenase-2, inducible nitric oxide synthase protein, and mRNA expressions were attenuated by GCSB-5, whereas the level of interleukin-10 was potentiated.

Nerve Protection

Published in the Journal of Ethno-pharmacology in April, 2011

After 8 weeks of nerve transection, SFI, regeneration distance, and gastrocnemius m. mass ratio and myelinated axon number showed a significant decrease and these decreases were attenuated by GCSB-5. GCSB-5 significantly inhibited H2O2-induced cell death and oxidative stress.


Aqueous Extract of Achyranthis Radix, CibottiRhizoma, Acanthopanax Root Bark, Eucommiae Cortex, Saposhnikoviae Radix


Used for accompanying symptoms including lower back pain, neck pain and joints conditions.


5 Tablets per dose, 3 times per day


2500mg 45 tablets / Bottle