Therapeutic effect of the herb certainly depends on its quality. Jaseng herbs are purchased directly form their original land with healthy soil and proper climate. Besides, carefully purchased herbs go through quality inspection, and those which approved by GAP(Good Agricultural Practices) can be processed as medicine.

Premium herbs originated from the home of each herb

"Premium herbs

originated from

the home of each herb"

Jaseng medicines are prepared and cooked with standardized method by herbal specialists in state of the art herbal pharmacy.​


preparation and


cooking method"

Precise preparation and standardized cooking method

The premium quality herbs should not include toxic substances such as pesticide or heavy metals but be comprised of profound active ingredients to maximize the therapeutic effects. It is also applied after being processed to medicine pill or extract. Jaseng provides dual chemical test for ingredients before and after processing of the herbs.

Careful inspection before and after preparation



before and

after preparation"

Jaseng proves therapeutic effects of Jaseng medicine with ongoing research with various national and international research facilities. ‘Shinbarometion,’ the core ingredient of Chuna medication acquired a US substance patent (US Patent Registration US6,531, 582B1). Also, one of Jaseng premier medication, Yook Gong Dahn, is proved to have the effect of regenerating the brain cells through research with UCI Neuroscience Department.​



therapeutic effects"

Scientifically proven therapeutic effects