The main concept of Jaseng medication for bone and joint disorders is that individually prescribed herbal medicine cures diseases by finding the root cause of the symptoms. For bone and joint disorders, in many cases the cause of pain comes from extravagated blood and congestion inside the body. Jaseng medicine removes inflammation with impurities, supplements the Qi-the body energy- and strengthens muscles, ligaments, and bones.

Pain Mechanism

Treatment: Chuna Herbal Medicine 1

Jaseng doctors and professors from prominent Korean universities explain the anti-inflammatory & nerve regenerating effects of Chuna Herbal Medicine as well as scientific research proving it.

Treatment: Chuna Herbal Medicine 2

Jaseng doctors and professors from prominent Korean universities give an overview of the benefits of Chuna Herbal Medicine: the prevention of bone degneration, the strengthening of weakened ligaments, and the effective reduction in a chance of relapse.

Herbal Supplements for

Spine and Joint conditions:

Jasengbaro 101

JaSeng-Baro 101

Equivalent to Celebrex (Cox 2 Inhibitor)

Evidence-Based Actions of Jasengbaro101 [GSCB-5]
Active Ingredients of Jasengbaro101
Aqueous Extract of Achyranthis Radix, CibottiRhizoma, Acanthopanax Root Bark, Eucommiae Cortex, Saposhinikoviae Radix