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Mary Moore with Shoulder Pain

Mary Moore had suffered from shoulder pain for 6 months but she tried Jaseng acupuncture treatment and her pain level has decreased significantly.    

Harry McNamara with Disc Herniation a...

Harry McNamara suffered from disc herniation. He was referred to Jaseng in Fullerton, CA, having been told he would have to live with pain for the rest of his li...

[Patient Testimonial] Thomas Mattasa ...

Thomas has had a herniated disc for 30 years. He now tries Jaseng's acupuncture, takes herbal medications and sees improvement ongoing.

Jaseng Wellness Service

Weight Loss Detox

The unique program of Jaseng’s MAC Diet program is based on a scientific and systemic approach with...

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Natural Herb Medicine

Most symptoms and signs related to internal organs can be treated by precisely examining the physiological...

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Therapeutic Exercise

In addition to increasing your flexibility and range of motion, stretching improves circulation and helps...

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Q. What makes Jaseng different?

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Q. Do I need surgery? How effective is the non-invasive treatment?

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Q. How long and often will I need to be treated for?

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